Clipping Path

Clipping Path works just like a scissor. Many call it as Closed Vector Path, Shape or Deep Etching. We, Clipping Picture, is one of the major clipping path service providers in Asia. We remove background of an image for ensuring deserved quality of image according to the clients. When we use clipping path, everything under image of the line or path will be selected for the final removal and rest outside the line or path remains same position. We provide services at the best price rate, make perfect picture with desired time limits, ensure handmade drawing clipping path etc. We use State-of-the-Art software, Photoshop etc. for editing the background of image.


Remove Background

Remove background is the most essential service of Clipping Picture. We are here to support your e-commerce solution by removing background in your pictures. Background shows impression about your products or services. Many clients are highly satisfied by taking the background removal services from us. Besides background removal services, they also need clipping path, white background, picture masking, picture manipulation, color correction, shadow & reflection, neck joints etc. and we have fulfilled their demand by using Adobe Photoshop CS6.
We are enough equipped with manpower and tools for delivering your order with your own instruction. You may ask to add artificial scenario as background and we will do so. This is we call as creative graphic service. Clipping Picture is the marker leader about background related services because of clients’ satisfaction. You can try, we are ready.


Image Masking

Our highly professional team works with the latest hair masking technique for removing the background of image and ensure natural outlook. We make adjustment for the suitable condition related to fuzzy looking hair, skin or fur. The experts use Photoshop masking for making soft edges regardless of dark, gradient or multicolor background in the sense of contrast matter at the time of using Pen Tool. The main character of our team is that our team does not miss any single object. We ensure clients the most protected standard picture in which none can edit it further.


Multiple Clipping Path

Multiple Clipping Path is well known as Multi Path which is just like as clipping path. Multi path means the use of clipping path service to the image in the multiple ways. Though this task may be done through Adobe Photoshop Pen Tool, multiple clipping path is easier and less time consuming.
If we go for example, then you will easily understand. An assistant is needed when technical team works for with a model in the photo session in Bangkok. But it is expensive. So, photo editing service provider is the possible solution for this problem. For these reason, Clipping Picture comes for you. Our experts can modify the cloths of the object, the background or scenario of the picture can be add or remove or edit in any forms. In these way, you can minimize your cost of clothing, staffing, travelling etc. related to photography in Bangkok.
Clipping Picture uses the multiple clipping path for making any kinds of changes in the picture without any kinds of flaws. That’s why we offer for the best.


Image Manipulation/Neck Joint

Image manipulation means the conversion, reformation or alternation of image into desired format. Our professional graphic designers use Photoshop for manipulation and stand at a unique view. We manipulate the image in the ways that it looks like very natural. We make photo manipulation into cartoons, mannequins, product presentations, product & service features and what the clients want from us. We can assure the clients that they will be confused which photo is actually original after finished manipulation. We take time but there is no compromise between our performance and the quality of image.



Drop Shadow is the way of making sense of depth and texture for giving impression where the shadow of an object is drawn slightly down to its background. We make graphical medium in which we provide the natural view and lighting condition of the actual object and it looks grey and black shape that proves the professionalism of the object. We do two means for making drop shadow; Alpha Blending and Gaussian Blur. Making the colors dark of the pixels is called alpha blending and softening the edges of the shadow is called Gaussian blur. But we maintain proportion accurately between the shadow and object for making it real in both two ways.


Color Correction

Color combination is called the life of an image. At the same time, color contrast is the reflection of ones’ inner thinking. Our highly professional graphics designers make balance of color from the imbalance color contrast. Our experts make balance by doing the adjustment of sharpness, contrast, brightness, white balance, consistency in tone, pixels & resolution etc. of the image. We also remove dullness of the photo and revive them with full natural way. Our experienced professionals are ready to give the color correction services of your photos by which you will prove yourself smart enough about the choice of color combination.



Clients’ satisfaction is our goal and perfection is our principle. We offer flawless image through photo retouching service. Our Photoshop experts remove all the spots from the photo even the slightest marks. At the time of taking the task from clients, all responsibilities goes to us and we will takes all necessary initiatives to make them pleased. We provides the photo retouching services according to the clients’ style and demands. No matter about the cost, just think about the perfection of the image. The post perfect photos have some imperfection but our team is ready to retouch the photos more perfect than any other service providers.


E-Commerce Solution

Image optimization for web helps to generate more views and business revenue. Website visitor may be the customer for your e-commerce if they like your website and the graphical issues. Impression of image attracts the concentration of customers and potential customers. Our experts helps clients to build e-commerce through professional image and quality product photos. We do for clients by web designing, background edit, image resizing, cropping, straightening, alignment and saving image from web. We also make image quality according to search engine optimization rating. We are enough able to maintain good relationship with national and international clients. So these highly experienced professional will definitely be helpful for your online business and e-commerce.


Mirror Effect/Reflection

The reflected duplication of the original object which looks like almost identical is called mirror effect. But the direction between reflection and original object remains always opposite. We make mirror effect by both Two Dimensional Figure (2D) and Three Dimensional Figure (3D). We make 2D effect which is a virtual image format that remains same size of the original object in the plane surface but when we make 3D which is a visual image format that makes reflection of the object including its inside parts. Generally we make 3D format which is used for the structural purpose. But in both ways, we create the illusion between the object and mirror effect to the surface.


Vector Conversion

We are here to convert your logo or graphics works into scalable vector graphics for the further use. Raster images consists of poor pixels or dots but we use vector conversion for making them high quality that remakes an image perfect. Our experts utilize the Illustrator Pen Tool for converting vector into jpg, png or bitmap format which is fully handmade way. You can use vector converted image from taking us in different purpose such as; applications, advertising or websites etc. Just come to us with your image, we will convert vector of the image according to your desired format.