Photo cutout service is a term that defines separate the background from the specific image by using Photoshop pen tool!

There are vast organizations that are able to provide this service. Among these, Clipping Picture is the best for their some specialties. At first, we have a sophisticated graphics team who are always ready to provide the best photo cutout service. You can compare our service quality by using our free trail facility.

Clipping Picture is can be your desired solution for your Photo cutout service as your requirement. All the subjects that need photo cutout service such as product, jewelry, object, dress and also as well as your requirement. Our graphics experts always waiting for handling your service as your instruction.

photo cutout service

Generally individually and companies need photo cutout service as well as a photography studio. They need to separate background from the image for commercial use. Clipping Picture ensures you to submit completed photo cutout service as you need and also ensure you that is 100% manually by using Photoshop CS6.
We charge an affordable price and maintain quality. Basically, we believe in quality rather than quantity. And the good things of us have a specialist graphic hand. The best thing after completing a job, a quality checker also check the completed job before submitting.

There are some activities are required for Photo cutout service

These include clipping path over the products or objects using Photoshop pen tool. Then change the background in a custom color or the client need. Here client satisfaction is our main overview. As all the work for a client so, we give priority the client need or instruction. So it can be said we do business to the point of customer satisfaction or instruction.

The first thing that we are going to talk about is How to actually take the photos for your listing what I do is. I created our and create a crafted a lightbox or shadow box.I googled how to make one, and I made one may about thirty or so minute and come out twenty books. I think you can purchase these are Amazon or eBay for not much more than thirty dollars.

So if you don’t want to it’s not very crafty or if you don’t want to take the time to do that you can purchase one but I’ll show you what my books like right. This is my light box that I mean it’s not the best quality. As you can see its just doing to read up a little bit. But I do have any lights normal. I have my light on all three sides. I have my diffuse club and have a sheet of paper that you put in that’s like one continuous thing.

So it doesn’t and having increases in it when you zoom in on your picture, you see how beautiful, that looks now on beautiful. That looks now if I had like some other sides church it would look a lot better. That pretty much it, It doesn’t look like much but really it kind gets manage to but it does have holes just kind of on the side here and you can put light on the side I got these, these really very cheap click lights that I use just a single channel diffusion clock.

Pure White Background and replace a shadow

How I take a photo with the white background it’s like that I guess that was my shadow box nothing abrasive but it does the job. So when you are shooting your photo insight the shadowbox, you want to make sure that you have a camera there. You can text take still shots with. So they don’t have to be an expensive camera it can be your cell phone, it can be a point shoot camera can be DSLR. It doesn’ matter really the cameras to take is more so the outcome of the picture is taken. I recommend at least an eight-megapixel camera to take the photo and that’s just for the size of the picture in the quality of the photo. Now we are going to jump in aid in photos, so to edit my photos I use Photoshop software, it’s professional and the best method for editing the photo. Whatever is it, product photo or portrait photo.

Product cutout with white background in Photoshop

I am going to show how to create the pure white background around your photos like you see on Amazon and eBay listings. It’s actually a very acceptable way to edit any kind of photo.

How to take product photos with pure white background

This is a clipping path which is part of Photoshop to create pure image white background. You may find in google for photo editing online software, but that is not like Photoshop. The photo is not vital edit using by auto software. By using Photoshop pen tool you completely change your wish photo, which has to up on Amazon, eBay or any online shop. Maximum people are like image which is glorious to see in e-commerce or any online shop. For this, need to pure color change product image. Otherwise, the consumer will not buy it. Taking the time to have awesome Edit product pictures on your online store can have a big payoff. Good Editing pictures lead to more traffic and more sales. Some of the photographers can’t select right photo editing partner inconsiderately. In this regard, Clipping Picture may be your best image editing partner. They are providing all of your design services, such as image background removal, portrait photo masking, photo retouching, photo manipulation and much more service. Clipping Picture provides by Amazon, eBay photo editing service virtually and globally. We are also known as USA clipping path service provider

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